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Brotherly love – Part 1Living with AIDS # 146

Many people equate an HIV diagnosis with imminent death. Not only is this false, but more important, early diagnosis of HIV improves one's chances of survival. Goitsemang Nnetlane (not his real name) from the Northern Cape recently heard that his sister, Dibuseng (also not her real name) had been diagnosed with HIV. His first thought was that he had to secure anti-retrovirals for her immediately. But, he was wrong.
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Purchasing life

The hopes of many people sick with AIDS rest on the technical report that has been delivered to government. Until a public sector treatment programme becomes available, these life-prolonging drugs will remain a luxury only accessible to those who can afford them. Justice Edwin Cameron is one of the fortunate minority.
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Clocking in for treatment

Whether it'€™s an alarm clock or the local rooster, people in poor communities can find ways to remember to take their antiretroviral therapy at the same time every morning and evening. Nyameka Ndhashe lost her mother to AIDS because she could not get antiretroviral therapy. Now she'€™s a monitor for the Treatment Access Campaign helping others who are getting drugs to enjoy a new lease on life.
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Teenager supports mum

An important pre-condition for anyone on antiretroviral therapy under the Treatment Action Campaign'€™s treatment project is to have the support of a friend. Buyiswa Gcwabe is desperately ill and has chosen her 16-year old daughter Zanele as her official '€œtreatment supporter'€.
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