Insufficient sanitation for Ehashahasheni residents

The toilets get full before the end of the week and the waste truck only collects buckets once a week on Saturdays.

Community member Hlengiwe Vilane said: “The taps are too far from us. They are near the part of the community that stays next to the main road. I have to travel to get water when I want to do my laundry or do cooking.

“We want the government to provide us with more taps or else they must move us to a good place where we are going to be provided with better sanitation.”

Another community member, Zodwa Mahlaba, told OurHealth: “Our kids get sick, especially from diarrhea. These toilets are dirty and they have a bad smell that gets worse during summer when the temperatures get high. The smell becomes something you can’t stand.”

Fana Dhlamini, a community leader, said: “We are suffering in this place. The government keeps on promising that they will move us here but they don’t stick to their promises. Removing us is not a solution. We want the government to provide some form of interim servicing including water, sanitation and solid waste removal.”

OurHealth tried to get the response from the municipality but couldn’t get it.


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