Construction underway for the park

Construction underway for the park

There was a lot of criminal activity and, according to a resident of M Block, Israel Nhlanhla, a woman was reportedly raped on her way to work. Communities have breathed a sigh of relief because people have to cross the piece of ground by foot to their homes from work.

“I feel so relieved and happy because our children used to play in a far away park. I am so happy something’s being done,” he said.

A neighbour, Oupa Thibedi, said: “I am glad we are doing something about this place. We used to have garbage piled up and lots of robberies, and with this development we think it will reduce to non-occurance. I am also happy that myself and others from the area are employed for this development.”

Ward Councillor Poppy Maseko said: “We are developing a park to make a friendly environment that is conducive for human health while keeping cleanliness and beauty to our environment.”