Pensioners unite against robbers

Pensioners unite against robbers

A group of pensioners from Nomvalo Village in the OR Tambo district are sticking together to help overcome the incidents of robberies that they experience on pension payday.

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The society, called Ukuguga, which means “to age”, now has 65 members. It was formed in November last year. Young people from the village and surrounding villages attack old people on pension payday and take their money from them.

Members of Ukuguga form groups and walk together to fetch their money, reducing the chances of lone pensioners being ambushed. But that’s not all they do: they have started to meet at the home of one of their members to do crafts and gardening to keep from being bored.

They feel that their work keeps them healthy and allows them to contribute to their community. They are also able to sell some of their crafts so as not to be dependent only on their pension money.

The chairperson of the group Mzimeli Miya said: “We needed to do something to survive, because when we call the police they do not respond fast enough, complaining about not having transport.”

Ward councillor  Bukiwe Diliza said: “This group of elders is showing us the way. They have shown us that even the frail and old can stand up for themselves.”