ARASA logoAccording to ARASA, this document serves as a framework for activists in southern and East Africa working on HIV, TB and human rights issues. The guide is divided into the five key topics identified as needing urgent attention in the region, namely:

  • Promoting a rights-based approach to TB,
  • The criminalisation of TB,
  • Unequal access to TB care and treatment,
  • TB and gender, and
  • Most at-risk populations.

For each topic, the guide provides background to the issue and case studies from partner countries in the region, to provide best practice examples of how civil society has been able to undertake advocacy efforts to promote rights-based responses regarding the topic. A framework for a way forward for TB activists in the region regarding each topic is outlined, including policy advocacy where there are no rights-based approaches in country’s national TB strategies and documentation of case studies to gather evidence of violations of human rights.

The document concludes with several calls to action, including the use of compulsory licensing to increase the production of 
generic TB vaccines, diagnostics and treatment.

Download the guide:
 Close the gap – TB and human rights