Stop TB Partnership logoMirroring UNAIDS’ recently adopted “90-90-90” targets, the plan also adopts “90-90-90” targets, namely:

  • To reach at least 90 percent of all people with TB and place all of them on appropriate therapy, including first- and second-line treatment as well as preventative therapy;
  • Read at least 90 percent of the key populations, and
  • Achieve at least 90 percent treatment success for all people diagnosed with TB through affordable treatment, services, adherence to complete and correct treatment and social support.

Impact modelling shows that achieving the above targets by 2025 at the latest will ensure that the goal to end TB will be met. The plan therefore proposes that the 90-90-90 targets should be reached as soon as possible, ideally by 2020 and at the latest by 2025.

It then outlines eight fundamental changes to the TB response that must be implemented as part of what it touts as a paradigm shift including, emphasising approaches that emphasis human rights, gender as well as community and patient-driven responses

Download the plan: The Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020