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Special needs girls get free sanitary pads

Written by Mogale Mojela

Girls from poor families in the Tzaneen area have received donations of sanitary towels and will now be able to go to school when they have their periods.

“We don’t want to see learners skipping classes when they are on their menstruation cycle just because they cannot afford to buy pads,” said the Greater Tzaneen Municipality’s (GTM) First Lady, Mohlago Mangena.

She initiated a campaign to dispense sanitary towels to various schools across the municipality area in June. 

Mohlago Mangena handing sanitary towels to schools at Magoza Secondary School at Dan Village.

Mangena visited eight schools during the campaign, stopping at the Letaba Special School and Resources Learning for disabled children.

Letaba Special School principal Joey Truter was ecstatic about the visit and the donation of pads.

“We are very happy, I believe this is a great initiative because many of our girls don’t have sanitary towels and some of them are very poor,” said Truter.

Burial society donates

Ms Mangena said thousands of sanitary pads had been donated to the cause by Wisani Burial Society, and was set to continue every month.

“Wisani gave us 8000 pads to help these children. We will distribute them every month as we all know that menstruation comes every month and we hope that other companies and business people will come on board to assist,” said Mangena.

The founder of the Girl Matters Drive, Edwina Mlondobozi, said pads should be made freely available like condoms.

“Government should start distributing sanitary towels here for free like they do in Kwazulu Natal. If they can give condoms for free, why can’t they do likewise with sanitary towels?” Mlondobozi asked.

About the author

Mogale Mojela

Mogale Mojela is one of our Limpopo based citizen journalists. He was born and raised at Topanama Village in Tzaneen. Mojela went to Serurubele High School and after completing his matric went to study media at the University of Limpopo. He has freelanced for The Tribe Newspaper and Mopani Herald in his hometown. Currently, he is also a radio presenter at a community radio station Greater Tzaneen FM.