100 year-old woman’s secrets to good health

100 year- old Annah Tau from Tembisa enjoyed sport as a young girl.
Written by Marcia Zali

Annah Tau has never bothered about trying to remain young – the resident of the Tembisa Old Age Home is 100 years old and says the main secret to living a long life is to avoid stress.

“I avoid stressing over things I can’t control. Stress is not good for you and you must avoid it if you want to live longer.”

As a young girl, Tau enjoyed sport.

“I loved running and would compete with other children to see who was the fastest. We also played other games. I was very active growing up and that kept me young,” she said.


The mother of three has never worked and was a traditional stay at home mom who looked after her family. She made sure that she stayed active.

“I used to take long walks because I did not want to just sit still without doing anything. These walks contributed to my body not ageing quickly.”

Tau’s all-time favourite meal is pap and morogo. She raved about how her father loved it and as a result, it became her favourite too.

“I just love pap and morogo. I only eat meat once in a while,” she said.

Her advice to those who wish to stay young is that they should avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and having multiple sexual partners.

“I have never smoked or drank alcohol in my life. Even my children knew that I hated the sight of alcohol. Young women must avoid sleeping with a lot of men because that will make them age quickly.” – Health-e News

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