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Hidden Suffering on Private Land

Written by Anna Maria Lombard

It’s been almost 15 years since we voted for all South Africans to have equal access to government services…to have dignity and a better life. To have treatment for life-threatening illnesses. But every now and then, as journalists, we step into corners of the country where apartheid and its indignities remains alive and well. Where the services that government has designed to improve our lives just CAN’T reach.

RobertJosefaSMLFarm workers in the City of Matlosana’€™s boarders suffer injustices in the prejudiced hands of their Employer who owns the farm.  For these workers among them pensioners to cook, bath and wash their clothes they have to walk a long distance to fetch water from the river. Added to their problems on the farm they are also constrained to using the bucket system.

They are even denied their right to health care, their employer refers to them going to the clinic when their sick as disrupting his business. Earning a minimum of R450 per fortnight they are forced to borrow money from their employer to feed their families. Even if they don’€™t borrow money his still deducts money from their scarce wages.

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