‘Forgotten’ community shares stream with animals

Community shares drinking water with animals
Community shares drinking water with animals
Community shares drinking water with animals

Bethlehem – The community of Vergeet Nie farm, about 30 km from Bethlehem, has a very limited water supply and makeshift toilets.

“There is a problem of water supply here in this farm, despite being promised a water tank by the municipality,” says Mamangetsana Tshabalala, who has been a resident on the farm for many years.

The municipal water truck visits infrequently – sometimes only once a month – yet it will only residents fill 20 litre containers.

“You can understand how soon that water we get runs out, and it takes time till the truck delivers water again,” said Tshabalala. “We have to get water from the stream for cooking, drinking and washing.”

Health E went on to inspect the stream from where the community draws water and found it to be infested with garbage, from dry rotten grass to plastic containers.

“Here is the stream where we share drinking water with animals,” sais Tshabalala.

The families are using makeshift pit toilets.

“We have been promised issues like proper toilets and water tanks for years, but nothing is forthcoming,” one of the community members complained.


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