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Report: Advancing HIV Justice 2

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In this follow-up report, the HIV Justice Network and Global Network of People Living with HIV argue that the world is seeing a troubling rise in HIV criminalisation.

GNP+The report defines HIV criminalisation as the unjust application of the criminal law to people living with HIV based solely on their HIV status or by applying general criminal laws that allow for prosecution of unintentional HIV transmission, potential or perceived exposure to HIV where HIV was not transmitted, and/or non-disclosure of known HIV-positive status.

Compiled through a mix of desk-based research and key informant interviews, the 76-page report the report notes rising instances of criminal prosecutions

Very few countries in Africa are now unaffected by problematic HIV criminalisation laws. The rise of reported prosecutions in Africa during this period particularly in Botswana, Uganda and Zimbabwe is especially alarming, note authors.

Download the report: Advancing HIV Justice 2

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